Tech Quiz: The Week In Review (28 July)

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Another busy week filled with tech news, but have you been paying attention?

Another week draws to an end and the tech news has been flowing, from dodgy emission tricking software in Porsche cars to BT integrating EE into its business

We have also seen malware sneak into alternative Android app stores, and took some time to take a proper look at the Microsoft Surface Pro

Time for a quiz 

question markAnd there’s plenty more to read across the pages of Silicon. Once you’re done, or if you’re ready to go, then give our week in review tech quiz a try and see if your powers of recall are still sharp after a hectic week!

If you want a further challenge, why not give our weekly thematic quizzes a go; this week it’s all about 2017 crop of smartphones.

Take our week in review quiz!