Quiz Of The Week: Smartphones In 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8

How well do you know the smartphones from 2017?

Much like day turns to night and summer into winter, with each passing year major technology firms unleash a glut of fresh smartphones, each trying to out do the other with new designs or wide features sets at cut down prices. 

At Mobile World Congress 2017, Silicon saw a veritable conference hall load of handsets, ranging from smart takes on screen dimensions to re-imagining of retro mobiles from days gone by

Smartphone smorgasbord

OnePlus 5 display portraitWhile some of the smartphones we got our hands on may not have pushed the envelop in terms of innovation, choosing to opt for quality over excitement,  others have really pushed the envelope to present impressive handsets like Samsung’s Galaxy S8

Sometimes the sheer volume of handsets released in the space of 12 months can be mind-boggling, but here at Silicon we have endeavoured to being you the latest news on the devices that really matter. SO why not have a flick through our webpages then attempt our smartphones in 2017 quiz to see how much you know about the current crop of Android and iOS mobiles. 

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