Canon –The Internet Of Things Will All Depend On A Good Camera

“Imaging of things” will truly transform connected smart technology, says Canon CEO

Of the many products that the smartphone can be accused of killing off (such as the pager, the compass, the FM radio and the wristwatch), probably the most popular is the digital camera.

As selfies and landscape photos swamp the Internet, it seems that everyone with a half-decent phone and an app that provides lighting effects has turned into a semi-professional photographer, effectively killing off the need for high-end cameras.

But Canon disagrees.

New worlds

canon keynoteGiving the keynote speech at the company’s Canon Expo show in Paris this week, CEO Fujio Mitarai told attendees that our ever-more connected and public lives thanks to inventions such as social media mean that good cameras are more in demand now than ever before.

He highlighted that more and more things are becoming connected through smart devices each day, many of which will rely on built-in cameras or sensors and the data they generate.

Therefore, Mitarai predicted that the Internet of Things will largely depend on what Canon calls the ‘Imaging of Things.’

“The Internet of Things is opening up new worlds,” he says, “the possibilities are real…and they are there for the taking.”

Humans are very visual beings, Mitarai noted, and social media growth is boosting the sharing of images like never before, opening up new possibilities for companies like Canon.

“No-one is better positioned for these applications than Canon,” he said, saying that the company’s image processors and sensors are “the best in the world.”

“We want to bring our technology into every sector of society.”

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