IoTUK Is Here To Get Britain Hooked Up To The Internet Of Things

Digital Catapult scheme looks to further the UK’s IoT capabilities across a range of areas

The UK has received another welcome boost in its progress towards embracing the Internet of Things (IoT) with the launch of a new Government-backed scheme aiming at speeding up adoption.

Backed by the Digital Catapult and the Future Cities Catapult, IoTUK will look to boost the number of advanced IoT technologies and services amongst businesses and public sector organisations.

It forms part of the Government’s £40m investment in the IoT as it looks to push the UK as one of the global leaders in adopting connected technology.


data centreIoTUK will look to work with organisations across a wide spectrum of connected technologies, including smart cities, health and industrial applications, and will aim to enable organisations to create and maintain their own IoT capability

The group says that areas such as security and trust, data interoperability, investment justification and design development are of particular interest, as they offer they biggest potential for advancement.

Going forward, IoTUK will now hold a number of workshops and events across the UK, and is urging for companies that have an IoT strategy already in place to get in touch so that they can benefit from extra support and investment.

“We are at a pivotal point in the evolution of the Internet of Things and the UK is ready to maximise the huge potential of smart technology,” said Neil Crockett, CEO, the Digital Catapult.

“But this is not about smart fridges and other first generation IoT point-to-point solutions. This is about the combination of interoperability, AI and machine automation to create a game changer to the business models of every sector in the economy. The societal impact, from managing city infrastructure through to the delivery of our health and social services will be huge.”

“To stay ahead the UK needs to be at the cusp of driving and gaining a new competitive edge from the fundamental technological changes that will happen in the next five years”.

The launch is the second major UK-focused Internet of Things project announced today, following EE’s reveal of EE Connect, the country’s first 4G-enabled M2M platform, which will let businesses and public sector organisations benefit even more from the IoT and connected technology.

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