Heineken, Duracell & Tassimo Get Amazon Dash IoT Buttons

It’s still not an April Fool. More brands get Amazon Dash one-tap ordering buttons as number reaches 65

Twenty new Amazon Dash buttons will let UK Amazon customers order even more products with the simple tap of a physical button. 

Amazon Dash buttons are small Wi-Fi connected devices for a single product, such as toilet paper or toothpaste, linked to a person’s Amazon Prime account.  

The idea is that this makes it easier to order than going onto a smartphone or PC, increasing the likelihood of a sale, and encouraging people to get more of an item before they run out thanks to one day delivery. 

Heineken Amazon Dash

Amazon Dash button 

Each button costs £4.99 but this is applied as a discount the first time an order is placed. There are now more than 65 buttons with new brands such as Heineken, Duracell, Mr. Muscle and Tassimo joining the ranks. 

“Customers love the convenience of Dash Buttons—feedback has been hugely positive, and we also heard loud and clear that customers wanted more brands and more products across more retail categories,” said Jorrit Van der Meulen, Vice President Devices at Amazon.

“Today we’re excited to add even more top-name brands for customers, extending the programme to cover dozens of retail categories, with new Dash Buttons from customer-favourite brands.” 

Silicon originally thought Amazon Dash was an April Fool’s joke given it was announced on 1 April 2015 but the buttons have proved surprisingly successful. According to Amazon’s figures, the most popular buttons so far have been Andrex (toilet roll), Finish (dishwasher tablets, and Ariel (washing powder). 

“The Amazon Dash Button has given customers a simple and easy way to reorder Whiskas products they depend on,” said Gina Head, senior brand manager of Whiskas Pouch. “In fact, when we first launched the Whiskas Dash Button it was so popular we saw the button sell out in the first 24 hours. It’s given our customers a simple way of shopping that makes their lives easier and ensures that their cats never go without Whiskas.” 

Last week, Amazon announced it was going to buy upmarket food retailer Whole Foods as the tech and retail giant looks to expand  into the grocery market.

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