Amazon Dash Offers One-Touch Product Ordering

amazon dash button

Dash Button lets you order household items when you’re running low

Amazon may have just launched an e-commerce game-changer by announcing an instant product ordering service.

Dash Button connects to the Amazon mobile app via Wi-Fi, meaning you can order household items such as washing powder, nappies or kitchen items with just the push of a button. Amazon then sends an order alert to your phone, so it’s easy to cancel an order.

The initial launch includes a range of brand-specific buttons, including Tide, Bounty, Gilette, and Huggies (pictured below).

dash button optionsNo fooling

Just a few centimetres in length, Dash Button features an adhesive back, so it will easily stick to surfaces around the home, for example, on your washing machine so you can order detergent when you’re running low.

However, customers will be limited to only three buttons per household, with the product currently only open to selected Amazon Prime users who have been invited to use the service by the company.

The launch is the latest in a series of announcements by Amazon as it looks to diversify its product and service offerings.

Last October, it announced it would be launching its first ‘real-world’ shop in New York, selling Amazon’s growing product portfolio including its Kindle line of e-readers and tablets, Fire smartphones and video-streaming boxes.

The store will also apparently have a mini-warehouse to support same-day delivery, returns and order pickups within New York.

The company is also notably looking into delivery by unmanned drone, with CEO Jeff Bezos saying that it hopes to launch a service by 2018. The unmanned Amazon ‘octocopters’ can carry up to five pounds (2.3 kg) of cargo from the company’s distribution centres to customer homes.

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