Two Thirds Of Brits Will Go Online On Christmas Day


One in ten would give up booze for Wi-Fi on Christmas day as Internet becomes increasingly important to Christmas

Two thirds of Brits plan to go online on Christmas Day, according to a survey by Virgin Media, sending shivers down the spine of traditionalists and luddites everywhere and offering an indication of the changing nature of the big day in 2015.

Given the popularity of technological gifts, such as smartphones, tablets and games consoles, it’s unsurprising that many will connect to the Internet to buy software and install updates. 

Others will use Skype and other communication software to speak to friends and relatives all over the world.

Christmas Wi-Fi

Father Christmas tablet © Pressmaster ShutterstockHowever 38 percent of festive surfers say they will access social media and a fifth will check online sales – figures which increase for 25- to 34-year-olds.

The Centre of Retail Research estimates that £728 million will be spent on the Internet by British web users on the December 25.

Indeed, one fifth say Wi-Fi is “essential” for a successful Christmas Day, although it is not deemed as important as friends and family (80 percent), Christmas dinner (65 percent) and festive television (42 percent).

But for some it really is a big deal to get online.

Forty-three percent expect to be offered or will ask for their host’s Wi-Fi password, assuming your grandparents are connected, while nine percent would give up chocolate for connectivity and one in ten would give up alcohol if it was a straight choice.

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