Quiz Of The Season: TechWeek’s Christmas Quiz

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‘Tis the season to tackle our Christmas teasers…

The tech industry likes Christmas – and this week’s quiz is a roundup of its seasonal highs and lows.

The gadget makers bust a gut to get their best devices into the shops in time for the holiday season, and there’s always a struggle to get online gifts out to their recipients. This year’s top tech gifts look like being the iPad Air, the PlayStation 4… and a knitted jumper if you believe our poll!

Father Christmas Santa Claus Email Laptop © StockLite ShutterstockNew Year, New Tech

Vendors experiment with new ways to deliver the goods each year.  And of course, Christmas also brings out its fair share of trolls and crooks, aiming to grab a slice of that extra festive spending through underhand means.

It adds up to a rich source of likely and unlikely stories. Some of the oldest malware is Christmas themed, and social media has predictable spasms during the season every year.

Our quiz is a bumper stocking-full of our favourite Christmas tales of tech triumph and woe. We bring you tidings of security breaches, product launches and personal tales of joy and sadness for your enjoyment.

Tis the season to make a stab at some questions…

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