BT Radianz FX Connects World’s Largest Foreign Exchange Markets

The network service has been designed to allow for low-latency trading between major hubs

BT is linking-up five of the largest foreign exchange markets in the world, aimed at boosting the competitiveness of financial companies by providing dedicated high-speed links between financial hubs.

BT is offering its low-latency Radianz FX express service to companies operating in the financial hubs found in the UK, US, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong, where a reported 77 percent of the world’s foreign exchange trading takes place.

BT Radianz FX

concept network fibre chip abstract network broadband © Toria ShutterstockIn an industry where trades worth millions of pounds are conducted in a matter of seconds, having a low-latency connection to major financial markets is an important consideration for companies operating in a rather cutthroat and highly competitive arena.

Delays to trades, even if they are a matter of seconds, can cost a company dearly, despite the somewhat artificial nature of such trading.

The Radianz FX looks to avoid this by linking into the five core third-party datacentres that support the foreign exchange trading world at its key locations. BT claims the service has been specifically designed to support the high-speed and performance delivery of market data and trading applications to suit such trading environments.

“Foreign exchange is the largest asset class by value traded globally.  An average of US $5.1 trillion is traded on FX markets every day.  We’ve created managed BT Radianz FX express routes to boost the competitiveness of our financial services customers.  With dedicated links within and between the world’s five biggest FX trading locations, BT can help foreign exchange firms lower costs while creating opportunities for international growth,” said Hubertus von Roenne, vice president, global industry practices at BT.

Radianz FX will join BT’s Radianz portfolio, which includes the Radianz Cloud, described by the telecoms company as “the world’s largest secure networked financial community” and offers access to thousands of apps and services from more than 400 providers, deemed critical to the running of the global financial sector.

BT is rather prolific in building out is cloud services, having recently bolstered its managed security services with Symantec’s network and cloud tech.

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