BT Bolsters Managed Security Services With Symantec Network And Cloud Tech

More Symantec products stuffed into BT’s security services

BT is integrating security technology from Symantec to boost its portfolio of managed security services, with the aim of gaining more visibility into incoming internet traffic.

Symantec’s SSL Visibility Appliance and its Cloud Service will join other products from the security company that make up BT’s security portfolio, and will be used to help simplify the administration of network security and hybrid infrastructure for BT’s customers.

Network security

NetworkingThe SSL Visibility Appliance works to give users a view of what they need to do to manage encrypted data on their network to ensure it is kept in compliance with company rules, data regulations, privacy and acceptable use policies. The idea is to provide visibility into the blind spots that encrypted Internet data can leave organisations to deal with due to the inability to inspect encrypted traffic on their network.

The Symantec Cloud Service provides cloud-powered global security coverage for devices used by BT’s manged security services customers, and has been designed to protect against malware, viruses and other cyber threats through the use of real-time threat intelligence harvested from Symantec’s Global Intelligence Network.

“Expanding Symantec’s capabilities within BT’s portfolio will provide BT customers a comprehensive service that is needed in today’s cyber security environment. By providing dedicated SSL visibility we can combat security threats hidden in encrypted traffic so that customers can focus on critical business priorities,” said Mike Fey, chief operating officer at Symantec

“And the Symantec Cloud Service makes it possible for customers to extend our robust Blue Coat web security capabilities to their mobile workforce, helping to protect users and information on any device and from any location.”

With the continuing rise of cyber threats and the ever-more complex attack vectors exploited by cyber criminals, it is no surprise to see BT expand the capabilities of its managed security services, particularly as the need to monitor network traffic while maintaining encryption is becoming increasingly important for enterprises looking to maintain a robust and secure IT environment.

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