Vodafone Adds Alexa AI Customer Service Improvements To Boost 4G Enhancements


Vodafone improves social media customer service, offers voice-authenticated Alexa AI support and enhances chatbot

Vodafone is boosting its customer service operations with round the clock social media support and AI-powered chatbots and voice authentication as it looks to supplement its network improvements and boost its all-round mobile service. 

A trial of voice authentication technology will make it easier for customers to verify their identity, without the need for password, and Alexa-powered AI will provide billing information and account details when prompted. 

The ‘TOBi’ chatbot was launched earlier this year but is now faster and can answer account-specific questions on things like roaming and tariff advice. Vodafone claims TOBi now understands customer needs 90 percent of the time. 



Vodafone customer service 

The Newbury-based operator is now offering Twitter and Facebook support at all hours of the day and is adding new features to the ‘My Vodafone’ application. Customers will be able to see a history of previous interactions and be able to talk to the same agent while discussing their issue. 

“Our new service offerings illustrate our commitment to putting our customers at the very heart of everything we do,” said Nick Jeffery, Vodafone UK CEO. “Whether it’s providing 24/7 customer care, developing innovative new digital services or outstanding indoor 4G coverage, we are determined to make our network and services easier to use, faster and more engaging for our customers than ever before.” 

Vodafone is improving the capacity and indoor coverage of its 4G network ahead of the arrival of 4.5G and 5G, but it appears there is a recognition that technology alone won’t see it carve out more market share. 

Earlier this year, Vodafone said it was creating 2,100 new customer service jobs in the UK  as part of an ongoing £2 billion investment programme into its network and services, months after it was fined the best part of £5 million by regulator Ofcom for “serious and sustained” breaches of consumer protection rules. 

Vodafone was also named the most complained about mobile provider by Ofcom as recently as last month. 

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