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What do you know about wearables?

The wearable market is one of the most innovative and fastest growing areas of technology.

New smartwatches were present at IFA in Berlin earlier this month, while Apple announced a brand new version of the Apple Watch alongside the iPhone X during the week, complete with independent LTE and wireless charging.

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Wearable Quiz

But wearables extend beyond smartwatches to clothes, fitness accessories, earwear and eyewear and analysts at IDC expect the market to grown by 16.6 percent during 2016.

“We expect the most innovation and development in the wearables market to take place on the wrist,” said Ramon T. Llamas, research manager for IDC’s Wearables team.

“It’s the ideal location for users to collect, view, and interact with data and applications, and the point to execute tasks like responding to notifications or communicating with other people and devices. Layer on top of that varieties in style, design, segment, and feature set, and wristworn wearables are poised to remain well out in front of the market.”

But what do you know about wearables?

Find out with our quiz!

Will You Get An iPhone X?

  • No, never (46%)
  • No, but maybe in the future (27%)
  • Yes! Shut up and take my money now! (20%)
  • Yes, when my contract is up (8%)

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