Apple Watch Series 3 Has Built-In Cellular Connectivity

The new Apple wearable is more evolution than revolution

Apple has revealed the next-generation of its smartwatch, dubbed the Apple Watch Series 3, which comes sporting its own cellular connection. 

Revealed at Apple’s product launch event in San Francisco, the new Apple Watch comes with a faster dual core processor that boasts 70 percent more performance than its predecessor. 

Design-wise the Apple Watch Series 3 is almost identical to previous Apple Watches with the exception of a red marked Digital Crown. 

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3

It has a host of fresh features such as a ‘talking Siri’ virtual assistant and a custom W2 wireless chip for handling connectivity on the phone. And the display now works as an antenna for the cellular connection which is provided through an electronic SIM to make the Series 3 watch a touch slimmer than its predecessor. 

Screen size for the new Apple Watch remains at a 1.65 inches and retains its square shape but now has a micro-OLED display claimed to make the screen sharper and less battery hungry; speaking of which, the battery life is expected to be around 18 hours. 

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Available September 22, with pre-orders going live September 15, the new Apple Watch will set buyers back $399 (£300) for the cellular smartwatch, launching across a bevy of countries; in the UK, EE will provide the cellular connectivity exclusively for the smartwatch so far. 

The Apple Watch Series 3 will come with watchOS 4, which Apple revealed a few months ago at its WWDC event, to bring in a host of improved health monitoring capabilities as well as a suite of developer tools. 

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