Quiz Of The Week: Wearable Technology

runner wearable fitness tracker

Wearables have the potential to change consumer and business technology, but how much do you know about them?

Wearable technology has emerged from the darkened room of enthusiasts to the mainstream in recent years, with gadgets like the Apple Watch and Moto 360 becoming not just accessories, but fashion items too.

Many of the biggest names in technology are working on smartwatches, smart glasses and smart clothing to help us lead healthier and more productive lives – and to create new categories of products to sell to consumers and businesses as smartphone adoption rises.

Apple Watch (1) (897x1000)Wearables are fast becoming the most creative area of technology, but there are serious technical issues to solve too, such as connectivity, functionality and privacy.

The future of wearables seems to be only limited by the imagination. Maybe in the future we’ll all wear networked clothing and browse the internet by moving our eyes?

But until we reach that utopian/dystopian scenario, why not find out about what you know about wearble technology.

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