Google To Begin Manufacturing Pixel Smartphones In India


Google set to begin Pixel smartphone manufacturing in Indian state of Tamil Nadu as electronics makers diversify away from China

Google is to begin manufacturing Pixel smartphones in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu sometime this year, according to local reports.

The company is to set up new production lines with Taiwanese contract manufacturer Foxconn using the company’s existing facilities in the state.

Google’s Wing subsidiary is also to assemble drones in Tamil Nadu, according to multiple reports citing unnamed sources.

The Android developer said last year it would begin production of its Pixel 8 smartphones in India, without disclosing a location.

‘Priority market’

Previous reports have suggested Google plans to make up to 20 percent of Pixel 8 devices in the south Asian country.

In announcing the plans last year Google said that “India is a priority market for Pixel smartphones”.

The Foxconn deal is separate from a reported arrangement with local contract manufacturer Dixon to make smartphones in India.

Google’s plans came after a team from the Tamil Nadu government, including Minister for Industries TRB Rajaa and senior executives, held talks with Google in the US to pitch their state as a manufacturing location, the Economic Times reported.

Google, Apple and other electronics manufacturers have been eyeing countries including India and Vietnam as manufacturing bases as they look to diversify away from China amidst geopolitical tensions with the West.

Geopolitical shift

Apple has shifted some iPhone production to India and Samsung also carries out manufacturing operations in the country.

Foxconn currently has two facilities in Tamil Nadu, using one of them near Chennai city to assemble iPhones.

The Tamil Nadu government said in a statement that officials from Google are set to meet state Chief Minister MK Stalin in Chennai soon.