Quiz Of The Week: How Well Do You Know Apple?

Apple is one of technology’s most iconic companies. But what do you know about its history and products?

Few technology companies command the attention and loyalty that Apple does.

Its product launches have become pop culture moments, starting with the hype surrounding the events to the queues that snake around its boutique stores scattered across the globe. When founder Steve Jobs died in 2011, he was mourned well beyond the technology industry.

Apple Quiz

Steve Jobs, Apple, iPad © bloomua Shutterstock 2012Founded back in 1976, in the heyday of hobbyist microcomputers, Apple stood out for its attention to design, and its ability to offer exactly what users wanted. With the arrival of the Macintosh in 1984, however, the company entered a different league.

Although its fortunes have been famously tied with its founder, Apple struggled along without Steve Jobs for a few years, having committed the unthinkable act of sacking him. The story has a happy ending though. In Apple’s darkest hour, Jobs was ready to return.

The iPod and iPhone became iconic devices, the Mac returned to relevance, and in 2010 Apple single-handedly kick started the tablet market with the iPad. Its critics argue that it is not as innovative as it once was, but the Apple Watch (and the rumoured Apple Car) suggest the Tim Cook-led Apple still has a few ideas up its sleeve.

But what do you know about one of technology’s most iconic companies?

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1984: Apple Macintosh

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The machine that started it all, the original Apple Mac boasted a 9-inch monitor, 128KB of RAM and 400KB of storage. It was succeeded by the Macintosh 512kb a few months later