Tech Quiz Of The Week: Name That Mobile Phone

How well do you know some of the best known and most obscure mobile phones and smartphones from past and present?

The first mobile phone was made in the 1970s and the first commercial cellular networks went live in the 1980s, but it took a decade later for the technology to become mainstream.

In the 2000s, mobiles added cameras and media players and by the early 2010s smartphones had become essential for every day life and business.

Mobile phone to smartphone

old-mobile-phonesReading emails in Outlook, watching TV on iPlayer and surfing the web from our fingertips are all normal activities, making us productive and enhancing our lives.

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Today, the market is dominated by the likes of Apple, Samsung and Google, but other names like NEC, Siemens and Motorola have faded into relative obscurity. Some, such as Nokia and BlackBerry don’t make their own devices any more.

But what do you know about mobiles past and present? Can you identify classic handsets, odd experiments and absolute disasters?

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