Flagship Windows 10 Smartphone ‘Coming Later This Year’

windows 10 joe belfiore

Microsoft confirms top devices running Windows 10 won’t appear for a while

If you fancy getting your hands on a smartphone running Microsoft’s freshly-announced Windows 10 operating system, you may have a bit of a wait on your hands for a high-powered device.

Despite the company being keen to show that Windows 10 would work seamlessly across mobile and PC platforms, a flagship device running the software isn’t likely to appear until “later this year”, according to Microsoft’s executive vice president of the Operating Systems group Terry Myerson.

windows phone 8.1 featuredOn the horizon?

However, this isn’t to say that smartphones running Windows 10 won’t appear anytime soon, as with Mobile World Congress just weeks away, Microsoft could well have some devices on show in Barcelona.

Alternatively, the company could wait until its Build conference in April, when it wouldn’t have to compete with thousands of other companies.

Lastly, other phone manufacturers may develop and release a flagship device running Windows 10 within the coming months, although as Microsoft is undoubtedly keen to show off its new tool in the best light, this might be unlikely.

The company was forced to issue a statement earlier this year re-affirming its support for Windows Phone. Following the launch of Office 365 apps for iOS and Android last November, fans of Microsoft’s mobile platform had been worried that Windows Phone may have suffered, but Joe Belfiore, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of its Operating Systems group, confirmed this was not the case.

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