Android M Could Be Revealed At Google I/O Later This Month

Google, Android © Lyao Shutterstock 2012

Leaked schedules suggests test version of Android could see the light of day at Google I/O on 28 May

Google will reportedly unveil the latest version of its Android mobile operating software at the company’s I/O event later this month.

A alleged schedule for Google I/O 2015, which kicks off on May 28, has been leaked, containing a description for a session entitled ‘Android for Work Update’ which mentions ‘Android M’.

This was quickly removed, but not before several eagle-eyed observers were able to record the information (pictured below from Ars Technica).

Marshmallow? Mars Bar? Meringue?

android-m-google-i-oThe description said that Android M will “bring the power of Android to all kinds of workplaces”, suggesting that the next release will try and appeal more to businesses in an attempt to gain more share in a fast-growing sector.

This should mean greater integration with Android for Work, which was officially launched earlier year as Google looked to unlock the full business potential of Android by making it easier for businesses to manage applications and devices using a range of existing software and enterprise mobility management (EMM) platforms.

There should also be further news on the platform’s tie-up with Samsung’s Knox security systems, which will offer better protection for work-focused mobile devices. Further integration with Android Wear, also announced at I/O 2014, might also be on the cards as more and more businesses begin using wearables in the workplace.

The announcement of a new version of Android shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, given the usual schedule of Google’s releases. Lollipop, the most recent release, was first unveiled at I/O 2014 as Android L, before getting a full reveal later that year.

Google revealed earlier this week that Android Lollipop is finally seeing significant pick-up amongst customers.

Thanks in no small part to being present on many current flagship devices, Lollipop usage now makes up nearly 10 percent of all Android users.

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