Whatsapp Goes Global With New Enabled SIM

whatsim card

WhatSim allows users to access the service across the world without the need for Wi-Fi connection

Whatsapp addicts will now be able to use the app when travelling the globe thanks to a new dedicated SIM card service which does away with the need for a data connection.

The WhatSim service has been developed by an Italian company with the aim of helping customers run up large data roaming bills when abroad, as well as negating the need to buy new SIM cards when travelling.

WhatSim costs just €10 for a year’s usage, but will cost only €5 in certain countries.

WhatSimMr Worldwide

The service connects to more than 400 networks in 150 countries across the world, automatically searching for the network with the best signal and coverage wherever the user is. This means that if you move into an area where different operator has better coverage, WhatSim will automatically switch provider to ensure you maintain a reliable connection.

“Everyone now uses WhatsApp, even when traveling,” the company said. “But you need a data or Wi-Fi connection to chat for free. The most common problem is that the roaming data connection is usually expensive and Wi-Fi is not available everywhere and often it is not even free.”

The move should see Whatsapp reach stretch further around the globe as it continues to grow into one of the world’s most popular messaging services. The company, which is now owned by Facebook, recently announced it had passed 700 million users worldwide.

Earlier this week, it announced the launch of Whatsapp Web, a new service which lets users send and receive messages through internet browsers on Windows-powered desktop PCs for the first time. The service will be available to Whatsapp users on Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices, but not to those using iOS due to what the company called “Apple platform limitations.”

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