10 Of The Best Business Apps For Windows 10 Mobile

windows 10 mobile

Silicon has a rundown of apps to maker your mobile a Windows 10 productivity suite

As digital business companions go, Windows 10-based apps for smartphones and tablets have emerged in the past year as solid foundation for creating a mobile productivity suite. The OS’s sleek, smart and secure interface has had a big impact on the business community at large since Windows 10 Mobile was made widely available in March 2016.

The popularity of the platform in the business world has particularly stemmed from the plentiful apps that can found in the Windows app store, with a range of lightweight and interactive services available that are designed to boost productivity and suit a multitude of business needs on a cross-Windows-platform basis.

Here’s Silicon UK’s guide to 10 of the best business apps for Windows 10 Mobile.

  1. Cisco WebEx Meetings

Meetings no longer need to be confined to the four walls of your office’s conference room, especially when you have the choice to download Cisco’s virtual offering. WebEx Meetings enable powerful and reliable video, audio and web conferencing while on the go, meaning that important decisions don’t require your presence in the office at all times. As well as audio and visual capabilities, the organisational aspect of the app – with its inbuilt meetings calendar, SSO and scheduling capability – speak volumes for its high functionality.

  1. To-Do

Microsoft, in the process of saying goodbye to the much-loved organisation app Wunderlist, which it acquired in 2015, is replacing it with To-Do, an intelligent task-management app to help users manage their day.

Designed by the same team that built Wunderlist, To-Do delivers a more personal and intuitive way to help people stay organised and is now available for preview on iPhone, Android, Windows and the web.

Users can create lists, add due dates, keep track of deadlines by adding reminders and personalise each list with coloured themes.


  1. Dropbox

A familiar name perhaps, but the Dropbox app should be one of the first names on the team sheet when it comes to selecting your core Window 10 Mobile apps. The app version of the acclaimed file hosting service lets you access documents and files whenever and wherever you may need them. And, should any disaster happen to your smartphone or device, then Dropbox will ensure that the files you’ve stored within its system will be safe from loss.

  1. Skype for Business

Another service that you’ll likely be well acquainted with, Skype’s specialist ‘for Business’ app is one of the major players in the communication app game. Take meetings and important business calls wherever you need to, while you can also share content during virtual meetings and initiate crystal-clear video, audio and/or instant message group conversations, ensuring that the communications side of your business is never compromised.

  1. Foxit MobilePDF

This Foxit business app for Windows 10 Mobile is focused on the delightful PDF format – its lightweight and simple-to-use viewer enables you to open, view and annotate any PDF file. It’s also stocked with an impressive feature that goes by the name of ‘ConnectedPDF – a breakthrough technology that brings new levels of accountability, collaboration, and productivity to the sharing and tracking of PDF documents worldwide.’ The full PDF package, then.

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