10 Of The Best Dictation Apps

It’s time to dispense with typing and note-taking – get your hands on one of the best dictation apps for your smartphone and tablet

Take a note: your smartphone and/or tablet is very much capable of capturing your speech and displaying it in a word document – all through the means of a third-party app. These voice-to-text programs could be an ideal arrangement for your working life, whether used in interviews, meetings or note-taking. What’s more is that this speech recognition software takes away the often-tiresome practice of typing – who wants to develop RSI in their wrists, anyway?

Listed below are ten of the best dictation apps around. Got all that? Good, read it back to us, would you?

  1. Dictadroid

A leading third-party dictation application on the Play Store, this Android-only app is packed full with features to help you dictate away. Turning your phone or tablet into a highly-functional dictation tool, Dictadroid allows you to record any kind of audio using its ‘Automatic Voice Activity Detection’ and then share it via email, Google Drive or Dropbox. A further point of note is its access to the external Quicktate service, which will provide professional transcriptions of your audio recordings for a pay-as-you-go price.