Did Apple Just Leak The iPhone 6C?

Images of possible new device with TouchID sensor published on Apple’s own site

Apple appears to have inadvertently leaked its next smartphone release – via its own website.

Images of an unfamiliar device were published on a page advertising a new charging dock utilising the company’s Lightning connector (pictured below).

However, the image used featured what seems to be an iPhone 5C with a red plastic back, but with a Touch ID fingerprint reader instead of a regular home button, leading to speculation that this is a whole new device.


iphone 6c dockIf past release cycles are to be trusted, Apple could be set to announce the iPhone 6C in September, or even at its WWDC conference in San Francisco next month, where it is planning several major new announcements.

Following the huge success of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus since their launch last September, there have been rumours that Apple would release further devices, particularly given the success of the iPhone 5C.

Released in September 2013, the low-cost iPhone 5C was available in a range of coloured back panels, and is credited with opening up the iPhone to consumers who otherwise would not have been able to afford the device, despite being outsold three to one in the UK  by its bigger brother, the iPhone 5S.

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