RBS And Natwest iOS Apps Enable Fingerprint Login With TouchID


RBS and Natwest become the first UK banks to integrate TouchID into their apps

Customers of some of the UK’s biggest banks are now able to access their mobile apps using just a fingerprint.

From tomorrow, users of the RBS and NatWest mobile banking iOS apps will be able to use Apple’s TouchID input sensor on their iPhone 5S, 6 or 6 Plus devices to log in simply by placing their fingerprint on the scanner.

Customers will need to activate the service using their current password and username, but following this will only need to use TouchID to log in.

The banks say that they currently have 1.8 million active iPhone users, who use the app on average 40 times per month, and that the new service offers better security as well as added convenience for its customers.

fingerprint imageTouchy

The launch follows findings that show RBS and NatWest customers as some of the most technology-savvy in the UK.

The company found that nearly 50 percent of the banks’ 15 million customers actively use online banking, with over 3 million customers using the mobile app every week.

“There has been a revolution in banking, as more and more of our customers are using digital technology to bank with us,” said Stuart Haire, managing director for RBS and NatWest Direct Bank. “Adding Touch ID to our mobile banking app makes it even easier and more convenient for customers to manage their finances on the move and directly responds to their requests.

“Our aim is to be the no.1 bank for customer trust, service and advocacy so we want to continue adapting our service based on the valuable feedback we receive from our customers every day.”

RBS says the launch follows feedback from its customers calling for the system to be introduced, amid growing backing for such biometric security systems.

A study conducted by Visa Europe found that three-quarters of 16-24 year olds in the UK would feel comfortable using information such as fingerprint scans, facial recognition or retina scanning in place of traditional passcodes.

Overall, three-quarters (76 percent) of this age group said that they would feel comfortable making a payment using biometric security, with over two thirds (69 percent) believe this will make their lives faster and easier.

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