PayPal Gets Personal With PayPal.Me Launch


New platform will make paying money to friends and family online easier

Paying money to your closest friends and family just got a little bit simpler thanks to the launch of a new, more personal payment platform from PayPal.

PayPal.Me allows the site’s users to register for a personalised, shortened URL which will allow them to send or receive money using any device simply by sharing this link.

Clicking on this link will allow anyone with an existing PayPal account to immediately transfer money to the sender’s account within having to go through a lengthy login process.


PayPal dot me mobile 1Users can also ask for a specific amount by adding this to their link request, for example, sending PayPal.Me/yourusername/20 will automatically populate the field with £20 making it an even faster and more convenient experience.

The service is free of charge to use for sending or receiving payments funded by debit cards, bank account or PayPal balance between friends and family within the UK, but it will charge a ‘small fee’ for credit card payments or any transfers involving currency conversions or overseas transfers

“PayPal’s person-to-person payment service has been used by millions of our customers for years,” said Cameron McLean, managing director at PayPal UK.

“The service evolved from the original idea behind PayPal, which was actually to let people beam money to each other using Palm Pilot personal organisers. With PayPal.Me you now have an even simpler, quicker and more convenient way of sending or requesting money between family and friends, whether at home or on the go.”

The launch is the latest service from PayPal that looks to speed up the payments process online. Back in June the company announced it was bringing its web-based One Touch for Web platform to the UK, allowing shoppers to pay for goods or services with just one tap or click – eliminating the need to enter in login information each time they reach a checkout.

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