Is Samsung Planning A Foldable Smartphone?

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Company could utilise folding screens for a potential Galaxy S7

Samsung is reportedly looking at making its next flagship phone its most flexible yet thanks to the introduction of a foldable display, according to reports.

Even though the company’s Galaxy S6 flagship is not even on general sale yet (as it is set to launch on April 10), Samsung is apparently hard at work on the next generation of its smartphones.

And top of the list for a rumoured Galaxy S7 could be a screen which folds up, allowing for more compact storage.

samsung galaxy s6 edgeFlexible

A report in Business Korea quotes an unnamed Samsung Displays official who says that the commercialisation of foldable smartphones will be possible ‘by 2016’.

However in difference to past ‘clamshell’ designs, which folded on a hinge separating screen and number pad, these new devices will fold in the screen.

Samsung does have previous in flexible displays, showing off its Youm concept folding device back in 2011. Notably, the Galaxy S6 Edge, (pictured above)revealed last month alongside the Galaxy S6 at Mobile World Congress, featured a curved display which was able to show notifications on the side of the device.

Earlier this year, LG revealed a concept “Active Bending” device featuring an edge-to-edge curved display, and released the G Flex 2 smartphone, which sported a curved build designed to fit into a user’s hand.

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