CES 2015 – LG Wants To Make Your Next Smartphone’s Screen Super-Curvy

LG logo ©Goran Bogicevic / Shutterstock.com

“Active Bending” dual-sided curved display looks go further that Samsung’s single-curve Galaxy Note Edge

Not content with unveiling the second generation of its curved-screen smartphone, the G Flex 2, at this year’s CES, LG has now revealed a concept device featuring an edge-to-edge curved display.

Korean news site iNews 24 was able to publish photos from inside a secret LG exhibition of coming technology, where the curved screen was shown off by LG’s Display sub-unit, which is primarily concerned with developing LCD and OLED screens for televisions, monitors and tablets.


The company’s “Active Bending” concept appeared to still be in its early stages, with the 6in HD plastic OLED display only sporting a 1280×720 resolution. Despite the lack of sharpness, the curved edges were still able to serve as narrow secondary screens that users can swipe and tap through to view missed notifications and quickly access commonly used apps.

LG says that the dual-curve technology is ready for mass production now, which means we could see consumer-ready devices very soon, most probably at Mobile World Congress in March.


So far, only Samsung has released a curved-screen mobile device – the Galaxy Note Edge phablet, which went on sale in October and featured a 1440 x 2560 display. However this only features a curved display on one side, displaying notifications from apps and social media services.

However, rumours emerged last November that the company could look towards a curved-edge smartphone as part of a bid to boost flagging device sales. This could even materialise in the highly-anticipated Galaxy S6, the company’s upcoming flagship mobile device.

The company already manufactures and sells a range of televisions with curved displays, promising immersive entertainment alongside high-end picture quality.

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