Nest Outage Leaves Thousands In The Cold

google nest smart thermostat

Smart thermostat hit by bug that knocks out Nest mobile and web apps

Thousands of homeowners may have returned home last night to a slightly chillier house following a widespread outage affecting the Nest smart thermostat.

Users were unable to access their devices due to a problem with the mobile and web app which affected both the Nest thermostat and the Dropcam home security camera, and also affected the Nest website.

However, the outage did not stop users getting up and interacting with the thermostat directly (aka the old-fashioned way).


nest thermostatNest says that the issue has now been fixed, tweeting that all of its services are back up and running, although it’s not provided any details on exactly what caused the outage.

Nest, which was bought by Google for £2bn in January 2014, recently revealed the third generation of its smart thermostat product.

The third generation of Nest packs in a larger, more intelligent screen and is able to recognise your usage habits and set up a personalised ‘schedule’ in just a few days, and can be controlled directly from your smartphone.

Along with its thermostat, Nest has also since announced a range of partnerships for the connected home as part of its “Works With Nest” initiative to connect up products around the home.

This included 15 new partners announced at the CES 2015 event earlier this year including the likes of connected light bulbs, washing machine and even door locks.

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