Google Smart Security Camera Lets You Keep Watch Over Your Home


Nest-branded device leaks ahead of scheduled launch next week

Google’s dream of a super-connected smart world looks to be taking a significant step forward with the release of a new home security camera.

Images leaked on US website Droid-Life have revealed a Nest-branded camera that can be mounted on any wall in a home.

This can then be accessed and controlled via a smartphone app, allowing users to keep an eye on their property when out of the house.

Keeping watch

nest-cam-leaked-imageThe device is thought to be the first product resulting from Google’s acquisition of camera firm Dropcam for $555m (£358m) in June 2014.

It will be able to stream high-quality images thanks to 1080p video recording as well as being able to connect to any device using Bluetooth, an FCC filing revealed.

The new camera should also be able to connect to the Nest app, meaning it will be able to link to any other smart connected products around the home, allowing you to watch out for any unwanted events whilst you’re at work or on holiday.

This could include calling the police if you see an open back door, or the fire brigade if a kitchen blaze is detected, or even just turning the central heating down if the windows have been left open.

The security camera is the latest expansion of Google’s Nest brand since it acquired the smart thermostat maker in January 2014 for $3.2bn (£2bn).

Along with its thermostat, Nest has also since announced a range of partnerships for the connected home as part of its “Works With Nest” initiative to connect up products around the home.

This included 15 new partners announced at the CES 2015 event earlier this year including the likes of connected light bulbs, washing machine and even door locks.

Google has been making a significant play for the Internet of Things market in recent months, releasing Project Brillo, its operating system specially designed for a smart, connected world.

Set for release later this year, Project Brillo gives developers and manufactures a selection of Android-powered tools to connect devices to the IoT, as well as letting users control their smart home devices using their smartphone or tablet.

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