10 Of The Best Manbags For The Tech Savvy Gentleman

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Sick of chunky rucksacks cobbled together from – whisper it – polyester? Here are 10 alternatives to house all your tech wares in style.

Sure, you might be able to slip your smartphone into a snug jeans pocket (unless you’re the proud owner of an iPhone 6 Plus) but what about your other gadgets?

London Fashion Week is upon us, and every tech-savvy gentleman worth his Calvin Kleins will know that the most practical and fashionable way to transport your gadget gear is the ‘man bag’.

So sit back, sip a martini, and enjoy our catwalk of the 10 best man bags available at a store near you.

1. The Mount Street Tech Satchel from Aspinal of London – £495

Saffiano bag

Described as the “ultimate business accessory,” Aspinal of London’s satchel certainly means business with its optional tech charger pack. Internal pockets with built-in cable paths can boost your device’s juice on the move, while the handmade Italian calf leather will turn heads on the street.

2. Waterfield Staad –  $319 (around £207)

Staad laptop bag

These stylish backpacks are handmade to order from a selection of trims and colours, but it’s the clever design of the inside compartments that make the Waterfield Staad a must-have. Its plush-cushioned interior houses pockets for laptops and tablets, alongside cleverly placed nooks and crannies for your smartphone and keys.

3. Brenthaven Collins – £39.95

Brenthaven laptop bag

If you’re pinching the pennies but still want something that oozes style, look no further than the Brenthaven Collins. It straddles the hallowed middle ground between lightweight sleeve and portable satchel, housing enough space for a MacBook Pro sized laptop and a tablet for a lightweight alternative to a chunky backpack.

4. Knomo Troon – £99

Knomo troon

One of the best things about Knomo Troon bags are the ID tags. If you leave your satchel packed with the latest gadgets on a train, it’s this clever little note that will allow a kind stranger to reunite you once more. Heart attack averted.

5. Osprey Portal Pixel Port – £80

Osprey bag

The real surprise in this sturdy backpack comes in the form of the TPU film window. Even when your iPad is safely tucked away inside the bag, it means you can still control the touchscreen from the outside. An added bonus is it meets all of the EU’s luggage rules, making it the perfect pack for a plane.

6. eBags TLS professional Slim Laptop Backpack – £69


Let’s face it, that turtle shell effect where your laptop bag sticks out from your back like Quasimodo’s hump is never a good look. That’s why eBags designed this backpack to cram a bevy of tech into a slim profile. A full padded laptop compartment sits separate to a section loaded with a slew of zippable pockets that mean your cables won’t turn into a tangled nightmare at the base of the bag – genius.

7. Cocoon 13-inch brief case – £69.95

Cocoon brief case

We should write this introduction to cocoon’s case by pointing out its nifty organisation system, GRID-IT, before highlighting its water-resistant nylon exterior and stroking our beards over its 13-in laptop compartment. But really all we want to do is squeal “IT HAS WOODEN ZIPPERS” and spend the next ten minutes opening and closing it in fascination.

8. Piquadro Messenger Bag – £285.95

Piquadro messenger bag

Measuring an exact 13-inches to provide a comfy home for your MacBook Pro, the Piquadro Messenger Bag also features an expandable base to fit all your gizmos inside its full-grain leather body.

9. AO Ally Capellino Multi-use canvas satchel – £125.95

Capellino Canvas Satchel

For those who want a more casual look that doesn’t compromise on quality, the Ally Capellino is a waxed satchel that can carry your laptop, tablet and smartphone in one stylish container. Comfort is the order of the day here, with a padded triumvirate of base, back and shoulder strap.

11. Karrimor Global Venture 55+15 Rucksack – £80

Karrimor backpack

Sometimes you want to go trekking through the wilderness, and most of the time you don’t want to bring your iPad with you. If, however, you’re seized by the urge to try to crack into a WiFi signal from your position at the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro, do so with this harness equipped backpack.

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