Lloyds Brings Mobile Banking To Your Smartwatch


Bank will now send push notifications on special offers to use smartphones and wearables

Lloyds Bank customers will now be able to get alerts about the latest special offers sent straight to their wrist following a new initiative launched by the bank.

Lloyds will start sending push notifications about special deals with selected retailers to customers’ smartwatches and smartphones, meaning they can stay connected wherever they go.

The launch is part of an expansion of Lloyds’ Everyday Offers service, which allows customers to earn up to 15 percent cashback on purchases made at a range of leading retailers , including the likes of Argos, Morrisons and the Body Shop.

The first phase of push notifications (pictured below) will include alerts of when new weekly offers are added to the service, and to let customers know that their cashback has been added to their account.

The notifications will also be used to alert customers if one of their transactions has been chosen for It’s On Us, another service from the bank which selects 1,000 transactions each week that get fully reimbursed up to a value of £500.

lloyds bank push notificationsExpanded

Lloyds, which claims more than 1.5 million people use its mobile banking app, says the launch represents the “first step” towards a broader push notification service the banking group plans to deliver.

“In a busy world, we are constantly thinking of new ways to help customers interact with us more efficiently,” said Adrian Bryant, director of digital at Lloyds Bank. “The new push notifications will make it more convenient for customers to get the latest updates on their Lloyds Bank Everyday Offers rewards.

“We are delighted to have over two and a half million mobile customers, of which one and a half million have downloaded our five star app, helping them manage their finances on their terms, in a way and time that suits them.”

YouGov research from last year that found approximately 2.8m people in the UK currently own a wearable technology device, which is likely to increase to 6.1m by September 2015, meaning that adoption of wearable devices will have more than doubled within a year from 6 per cent to 13 percent of the entire UK population.

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