HTC Pulls Its Grip Wearable

Fitness band canned as HTC prepares launch of wider product portfolio later this year

HTC is delaying the delivery of its first wearable, the fitness-focused HTC Grip sports band.

First revealed at Mobile World Congress back in March, the Grip was launched in partnership with sports brand Under Armour, and marked HTC’s fist entry into the increasingly lucrative wearable technology market.

It was set to launch in the spring in the US, with a European launch also planned, and cost around $199 (£127).

But now the company has pulled the device as it looks to launch a wider range of Under Armour-related wearable products later this year.

Get a grip

htc grip“Through our partnership with Under Armour, we have continued to refine our vision and approach to the health and fitness category. Our goal is to offer best-in-class products for our customers and partners,” said a statement from HTC, which appears to have removed the Grip from its website.

“After extensive wear testing and user feedback, we have decided to align GRIP with the entire product portfolio for health and fitness launching later this year. This will be a state-of-the-art comprehensive portfolio of products for this category powered by UA RECORD. We are excited to launch this new comprehensive product suite and will share further details as we get closer to launch.”

The number of wearable technology devices sold this year is set to reach its highest number yet as more and more companies start to enter the market.

Recent figures from analyst firm IDC estimate that 45.7m wearable devices will be sold this year, up 133.4 percent from last year’s figure. The rise is only set to continue over the next few years, with IDC estimating 126.1m units will be sold in 2019.

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