Huawei Goes ‘All In’ On Wearables After Watch Success

huawei watch

Huawei to explore new types of wearable device following the success of its smartwatch

Huawei says it will push further into the wearable technology sector, claiming there has been an “extremely positive” reaction to its initial set of devices.

Speaking at the Huawei Innovation Day 2015 event in Munich this week, Yang Yong, the company’s vice president of product management, revealed that the Huawei Watch had sold out across the world in the months since its release.

Inspired by this success, the company is now working on moving into other areas of the wearable market, which could mean smart glasses or wearable clothing.


huawei watchYong explained the company saw werables as connecting points between people, technology and the world around them.

“Our vision is extension of senses, body and intelligence,” he said. “Wearables should be better at connecting people.”

Taking on the likes of the Apple Watch (‘too square’), Moto 360 (‘incomplete circle’) and LG G Watch R (‘too square again’), Yong emphasised how the Huawei Watch (pictured above), “looks like a real, classic watch”.

“This is not just a device,” he said. “Wearables can be the connecting bridge between you and your devices.”

Huawei currently ships the third most smartwatches of any manufacturer, helped by a strong European brand due to its smartphone presence, Yong said. However, Huawei has “strong confidence” in its offerings, and  the company “has strong abilities” that it believes will help it catch up with Apple and Samsung, the current leaders.

Interestingly, Yong suggested that internet-connected smartwatches could soon be on the way out, as Bluetooth-enabled devices that connect to a smartphone are much more useful.


huawei wearablesHuawei unveiled its eponymous Watch at this year’s Mobile World Congress alongside two new fitness bands, the TalkBand B2 and TalkBand N1.

The company still has big plans for the latter devices, including an attempt to turn the N1 into a fashionable accessory (pictured left).

Yong also revealed that the TalkBand B2 has sold out across the world since its public launch on May 28, showing there is a ready and willing market for such devices.

“We understand wearables are a lifestyle,” he said, “it’s an extension of sense.”

When quizzed on whether Huawei would expand away from the smartwatch and fitness band sectors, Yong suggested this could soon happen.

“At the moment we are just on the wrist,” he said, “but we are researching other areas…we need a good commercial opportunity to succeed.”

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