Tesla To Open 7,500 Chargers In US To Other EVs

Biden administration announces that Tesla will open 7,500 chargers to vehicles from other EV makers in the US

The Biden administration has made a notable advance in its goal to deliver a national network of electric vehicle (EV) chargers in the United States.

The announcement from the White House revealed that Tesla will open up 7,500 of its charging stations by the end of 2024 to non-Tesla EV drivers. Tesla operates nearly 17,000 fast chargers across America, which until now were mostly compatible with Tesla EVs only.

In its announcement, the Biden administration wants to dramatically increase the number of EV chargers to at least 500,000 by 2030. To aid in this, it has announced a number of initiatives to deliver this ambition.

EV chargers

“Today, the Biden-Harris Administration announced its latest set of actions aimed at creating a convenient, reliable and Made-in-America electric vehicle (EV) charging network so that the great American road trip can be electrified,” said the White House.

“These steps will help the United States meet President Biden’s ambitious goals to confront the climate crisis, by building a national network of 500,000 electric vehicle chargers along America’s highways and in our communities and have EVs make up at least 50 percent of new car sales by 2030, all while advancing an industrial strategy to continue to build-out the domestic EV and EV charging industry.”

President Biden’s Infrastructure Law will invest $7.5 billion in EV charging, $10 billion in clean transportation, and over $7 billion in EV battery components, critical minerals, and materials.

Companies such as Tesla, GM, Ford, ChargePoint that build and operate charging networks in the US could benefit from federal funding if their planned charging infrastructure projects meet newly revealed federal standards.

And the White House pointed out that Tesla, for the first time, will open a portion of its US Supercharger and Destination Charger network to non-Tesla EVs, making at least 7,500 chargers available for all EVs by the end of 2024.

Other networks

Meanwhile Hertz and BP are announcing their intention to build out a national network of EV fast charging infrastructure, by bring charging infrastructure to Hertz locations across America.

In addition Pilot Company, General Motors, and EVgo have partnered to build a coast-to-coast network of 2,000 high power 350 kW fast chargers at Pilot and Flying J travel centers along American highways.

TravelCenters of America and Electrify America announced that they will offer electric vehicle charging at select Travel Centers of America and Petro locations, with a goal of installing approximately 1,000 EV chargers at 200 locations along major highways over the next five years.

General Motors, in partnership with FLO, has announced a collaborative effort with dealers to install up to 40,000 public Level 2 EV chargers in local communities by 2026 through GM’s Dealer Community Charging Program.

Ford has committed to installing at least one public-facing DC Fast charger with two ports at 1,920 Ford dealerships by January 2024.