Meet The Smartest Nest Yet

google nest smart thermostat

Smart thermostat gets a visual makeover with a bigger, brighter screen and new energy-saving features

Google is aiming to make your smart home a little cosier with the release of a new version of its Nest smart thermostat.

The third generation of Nest packs in a larger, more intelligent screen and is able to recognise your usage habits and set up a personalised ‘schedule’ in just a few days, and can be controlled directly from your smartphone.

Available to buy for US customers from today for $249 (£166), the device will see a UK launch soon.


nest thermostatThe new Nest looks to improve on its predecessors by offering a high-resolution display that is 40 percent larger than before and packing in 25 percent more pixels per inch. This comes in use with the new Farsight feature which automatically displays the target temperature or time when it senses movement in the room (in case you ever lose sight of it).

There is also an updated user interface to make it easier to read temperatures, alerts and messages, and a new feature called Furnace Heads-Up, which uses diagnostics to give advance notice about possible problems with a customer’s heating system.

The third generation Nest Thermostat also has a slightly thinner profile to fit more neatly into your room, and fully integrates with the Nest Protect and Nest Cam units also released by the company.

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