Mercedes F1 Adopts Tibco Insight Platform To Drive Big Data Analytics

Tibco has become an official team partner to the leading F1 race team

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport Formula One team has turned to Tibco Software for its data analytics in return for featuring the software firm’s branding on the helmets of  drivers Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas. 

The team, which has won the past three drivers’ and constructors’ Formula One world championships, will have Tibco as its official team partner and will make use of advanced analytics from the company in the form of Tibco’s Insight Platform. 

Analysing automotive action

Mercedes-AMG-PetronasThe Insight Platform is equipped pull a wealth of data from sensor systems, software, field equipment, technical and management teams. As such, Mercedes-AMG will uses it to not only improve its race team’s performance but also operations back in its factory when producing cars for subsequent Formula One seasons and optimising designs of race cars. 

Real-time streaming, visual and predictive analytics all make up the TIbco Insight Platform, which should allow Mercedes-AMG to carryout analysis on how its cars will perform in certain situations, while during races feedback real-time usable information derived from analysed data to inform the drivers and pit crews on way to optimise and boost their performance. 

To stay ahead in motorsport, you have to continually innovate and be able to make quick decisions based on sound information and judgment. Working with the TIBCO Insight Platform will enable us to optimise our performance in these areas, benefitting not only our strategic decisions at the racetrack, but also how we operate back at the factory,” said Toto Wolff, head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport.

“We’re also very pleased to be able to provide global exposure for TIBCO technology as we take part in races around the world.”

While the use of analytics in motorsport, especially Formula One is nothing new, for Tibco it acts as solid proof that its platform can withstand the high data demands of a leading motorsport team and thus should be more than suitable to crunching data in more traditional enterprises.

Similar examples can be seen with Dell EMC’s work with the Land Rover BAR team in the America’s Cup sailing completion, often referred to as Formula One on the water. 

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