Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: Cyrus Gilbert-Rolfe, CRO, EVRYTHNG

Cyrus Gilbert-Rolf, CRO, EVRYTHNG

Today’s consumer is more well informed, and demanding than ever before. With unlimited information, exposure to the opinions of a vast network of contacts, and the ability to rapidly place, amend, and cancel orders at the touch of a button, we’re in an unprecedented world of on-demand consumer expectations. 


In the past, a brand would convey its values through advertising, but with increasing costs and diminishing effectiveness of advertising, companies are spending more and more money while achieving less brand visibility and loyalty. While almost all premium and private label brands are making promises of inclusivity and sustainability, consumers demand proof – specifically data – around these claims. They want to easily access information on health, CO2 footprint, and Fair Trade promises, among others.  


This next frontier of brand visibility requires supply chain transparency, showing real progress made against brand purpose using rich media.  


Today we are speaking with Cyrus Gilbert-Rolfe, the Chief Revenue Officer for EVRYTHNG who help consumer brands run their business differently for a smarter, more sustainable, and accountable world. EVRYTHING connects product data at every point in the lifecycle using real-time, trusted information to enable supply chain transparency, brand protection and consumer engagement.


Cyrus Gilbert-Rolfe is Chief Revenue Officer at EVRYTHNG, where he is responsible for global growth and adoption of the Product Cloud, the engine room for the digitisation of physical products. Prior to EVRYTHNG, Cyrus was CEO of Movvo, the company that defined mobile location analytics. He has held executive roles at Microsoft, EMC, Netscape and Lehman Brothers, and helped build many startups, including a professional football club and a bottled cocktails business. Cyrus lives in South London with his wife Clemency, and loves dad jokes, tennis, and poker.