NetSuite Opening European Data Centre

NetSuite scales out for European customers, claims Euro data centre will help performance and meet data regulations

NetSuite has confirmed it will be opening a data centre in Europe this year.

Evan Goldberg, NetSuite’s CTO, said today at SuiteWorld 2015: “We’re scaling because you’re scaling. We’re adding a new data centre in North America. Europe is getting a data centre this year. European customers will see higher performance.”

However, no geographic location or country was announced for the data centre.

A European expansion has been on the cards for two years, with NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson confirming last year that the end of 2015 will likely see two NetSuite data centres in Europe built.

But Evan Goldberg’s keynote on the second day of NetSuite’s annual summit in San Jose only revealed that one data centre is in the pipeline for 2015.


Whilst not only increasing the validity of NetSuite’s cloud operations in Europe, the move will also overcome problems associated with data sovereignty, with European customer data now able to be kept within EU borders.

But in a meeting with NetSuite’s executives and reporters at SuiteWorld  this week, the idea of a European data centre existing to address data compliance needs was downplayed.

CTO Evan Goldberg on stage at SuiteWorld 2015

Zach Nelson said: “I think there will be halo benefits certainly from being in Europe. Again, whilst there isn’t really anything that prevents us from conducting business in Europe, it will stop a lot questions the minute there is a data centre there.

“It’s not any different to having a data centre in Boston, but it’s in a country that is like Boston. So that will be useful in eliminating questions.”

A NetSuite spokesperson said: “We already exceed the standards and the requirements we need on a pretty global basis. We spent a lot of time looking at the requirements and the bonuses associated with the legislation in this area, and we’re continuing to monitor that.”

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