IBM Launches Identity-as-a-Service For Hybrid Cloud

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New identity service bridges the gap between cloud and on-premise

IBM is introducing a new service that will allow mobile workforces to securely access corporate applications both on-premise and in the cloud.

Identity management is viewed by the IT industry as one of the main ways of controlling resources and boosting cybersecurity, something which SailPoint founder Kevin Cunningham recently told Silicon.

IBM Cloud Identity Connect provides Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) to manage how employees access thousands of popular cloud-based business apps, enabling single sign-on (SSO) from devices to improve productivity across an organisation.


Identity management

It will join IBM’s existing suite of identity and access management services, which currently includes products related to the likes of identity governance and web access management.

Simply speaking, IBM Cloud Identity Connect helps organisations bridge the gap between on-premise and cloud, enabling administrators to add new SaaS apps and manage workforce access to protect against hack attacks.

It will be available from 15th June as a free one-year subscription for up to five applications for customers already using other IBM Cloud applications.

“Businesses need to infuse identity everywhere. Cloud Identity Connect makes it easier than ever before for customers to inspire productivity and efficiency – while helping to ensure their enterprise is securely managed and can effectively transition to the cloud,” said Jason Keenaghan, director of strategy and offering management for IAM and fraud, IBM Security.

“Regardless of where an organisation is in that transition process, IBM is now positioned to scale on-premise and cloud offerings to help meet the unique needs of nearly any business at any time.”

A hybrid approach certainly looks to be the future of cloud. Last year, Dell CEO Michael Dell declared that “everyone is on a journey to hybrid cloud” and solving the problem of identity management will go a long way to alleviating business concerns.

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