Hewlett Packard Enterprise Updates 3PAR All-Flash Range

HPE has also integrated 3PAR StoreServ with new HPE StoreOnce and HPE StoreEver product lines

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, the newly-formed HP offshoot that that will continue HP’s enterprise legacy, has announced some of its first data centre products, pushing the idea of an all-flash data centre future.

The firm has unveiled its 3PAR StoreServ Storage products, supposedly “simplifying storage”.


“Faced with the need for agility, organisations want to take advantage of game-changers like flash without introducing risk,” said Manish Goel, senior vice president and general manager for storage, HPE.

“To meet those demands, Hewlett Packard Enterprise simplifies storage with a single flash-optimised 3PAR StoreServ line from the entry to enterprise with tier-1 resiliency and built-in data protection.”

Updates include support for 3D NAND drives, 3PAR Online Import software, and 3PAR Flash Acceleration for Oracle.

hpeHPE is claiming that its 3PAR StoreServ 20850 is not only better performing that EMC’s VMAX 400K, but is also half the price.

The firm said it’s bringing a product that can boost database performance by up to 75 percent for Oracle workloads, whilst allowing legacy systems like EMC’s VMAX to stay put.

“These flash arrays can be placed for half the cost versus upgrading the legacy storage systems,” said HPE.

HPE is also ushering in a “completely refreshed” portfolio of StoreEver LTO-7 media, drives and automated libraries.

The refreshed product lineup delivers lower cost and reliable long-term data retention solutions to customers, said HPE, providing 2x the capacity at nearly double the performance of previous generations of LTO technology.

HPE’s 3D NAND SSDs will be available worldwide on December 17, 2015, with a US street price starting from $2,075 per drive and capacity points starting at 400 GB. StoreEver LTO-7 tape media, tape drives, and tape automation products are available worldwide on December 1, 2015.

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