Silicon 360: Gumtree UK CTO – Cloud Was Easier For Us But We Still Had Challenges

Gumtree UK CTO Bas Anneveld tells our Silicon 360 panel why it used the cloud and what challenges it faced to support developers

Gumtree is the UK’s largest classified ad website and was founded in 2000 before being acquired by eBay in 2005.

It’s a digital business, so its experiences with cloud haven’t been typical when compared to a traditional retailer. but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t experienced its own challenges.

Gumtree UK CTO Bas Anneveld joined Gumtree from eBay, where he was CTO for Denmark, and told our Silicon 360 roundtable that it had underestimated some aspects of creating its application cloud.

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Gumtree cloud


“We don’t have 75 years of legacy,” he said. “Although we’re 15 or 16 year old business, the main driver for us to utilise cloud was to become much more flexible and make sure that every testing environment our developers are using is reproducible.”

You can hear more about Bas and Gumtree’s experiences in the video above and why not check out other videos and content from our Silicon 360 event?

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