Equinix Melbourne Data Centre Goes Live

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International Business Exchange data centre turns on down under as Equinix reaches for the enterprise

Data centre provider Equinix has turned on its Australian-based International Business Exchange (IBX) building. The data centre, called ME1, is located in Melbourne and supports the “strong demand” seen in the area for data centre services.

The strategic move by Equinix into Australia’s enterprise scene saw an initial investment of $60 million, and is claimed to be in line with the steady growth of the company’s global interconnection platform, in which Equinix has invested more than US$7.5 billion over the last 15 years.

International Business Exchange

Equinix Australia’s MD, Jeremy Deutsch, said in a press release: “By opening ME1, our first International Business Exchange in Melbourne, this city’s businesses can now choose more than just state-of-the-art carrier-neutral colocation space and carrier-dense interconnections.

“ME1 provides our customers with access to Platform Equinix, where major networks, enterprises and business partners interconnect to each other at global scale.”

equinixThe ME1 building is Equinix’s fourth data centre in Australia, which joins more than 100 globally. Equinix cited a recent survey from Dimensional Research which found that 85 percent of Australian enterprises are planning to deploy to multiple clouds within the next 12 months, 77 percent of which will use clouds operating in more than one country. The opening of ME1, spouts Equinix, addresses this high demand for cloud services in Australia and allows businesses to leverage Equinix’s network, content and cloud business ecosystems.

The ME1 data center opens with 375 cabinets, with future expansion phases accommodating an additional 1,125 cabinets and a total of over 105,000 square feet of floor space. The company’s other three Australian data centres are situated in Melbourne. This dual Sydney/Melbourne market presence “ensures” high-performance, network reliability, redundancy, and low-latency, claimed Equinix.

Telco Micron21 is one of the first customers to be housed in ME1. The firm’s MD James Braunegg said: “We extended our dark fiber network into ME1 as it offers Micron21 the ability to provide cost effective interconnections with just about any network provider, cloud service or company we choose to, should we need to.  Equinix’s vast interconnection capability made ME1 the obvious choice.”

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