Dell EMC World 2017: Why There’s No Stopping The Dell Technologies Juggernaut

Dell Technologies

IN DEPTH: Dell EMC World 2017 is over, but this is just the beginning for the Michael Dell-led conglomerate

Lofty ambitions

As has been repeated many times this week, Dell Technologies is setting itself the challenge of becoming “the essential infrastructure company” or, as Michael Dell put it, “a technology partner that can be number one in everything, all in one place”.

That’s clearly an extremely lofty goal but, with the continuing development of the digital transformation narrative and the scale of offerings that Dell Technologies as an overarching entity can provide, it is well-placed to meet its targets.

Dell Technologies

“When you step back and look at the combined capabilities that we have and the unique capabilities that we have across what’s going on in the IT industry in terms of digital transformation, IT transformation, the workforce and security, we are in a great position,” Dell said.

“I absolutely believe that there is a big role to be the essential infrastructure company and there is massive consolidation that will go on inside the infrastructure and we are in an incredible position to be able to win that.

“The combination of Dell, EMC, VMware and Pivotal creates a unique company with special capabilities, so we feel great about the combination.”

And there are many reasons why he would feel so positive. Firstly, more and more companies of all sizes and in all industries are looking for trusted vendors as they prepare and execute their digital transformation strategies, so the market is currently ripe for the picking.

Secondly, very few companies are able to offer the sheer range of products and services that Dell has across its portfolio.

This week Dell has strengthened all manner of product lines. From hybrid cloud platforms and software-defined storage, to hyper-converged infrastructure and data protection services, the updates and announcements have been coming thick and fast.

Attention was also given to the Internet of Things (IoT) in the form of new partnerships and services to widen the company’s offering and set itself up nicely to support a workplace that will becoming increasingly dependant on connected devices and the vast amounts of data they generate.

The extensive portfolio now covers virtually every area of enterprise IT you could possibly think of and puts Dell in a prime position to woo customers with “all-in” propositions, which Michael Dell explained was a key part of the master plan behind the creation of Dell Technologies.

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