Juniper Networks Announces Compact Compute-Integrated Network Switch

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Targeted at financial institutions, Juniper Networks’ switch looks to boost performance of real-time, latency-sensitive applications

Juniper Networks took the wraps off two new products – an application acceleration switch and a new packet flow accelerator module.

The company says the new data centre switch platform is best suited for financial services institutions because it ‘vastly improves’ the performance of applications that handle market data feeds, social media feeds, order execution routing, and big data analytics.

The acceleration switch, called the QFX5100-AA, and the module, called the QFX-PFA, will both be available in the third quarter of 2015.

Computing capabilities

“With the introduction of Juniper Networks QFX5100-AA and QFX-PFA, we are delivering unprecedented computing capabilities within the data centre network to ensure that our customers can make the most informed split-second investment decisions,” said the firm.

The QFX5100-AA and the QFX-PFA module work with Maxeler Technologies’ dataflow programming environment for specific application programming, and support Java as a programming language.

Juniper Networks“Competitive edge for today’s businesses comes from their ability to ensure the delivery, speed and performance of mission-critical applications,” said Oskar Mencer, CEO of Maxeler Technologies. “By partnering with Juniper Networks for the release of their QFX5100-AA switch and QFX-PFA module, Maxeler is able to provide our joint financial institution customers with fully customisable applications, such as market data feeds or order execution routing, helping them launch into the new era of ultra-high speed financial transactions.”

In February, Juniper announced a partnership with IBM to house Big Blue’s analytics software into Juniper’s network infrastructure.

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