AWS Reaches 50 Availability Zones With London Launch

AWS Summit London

AWS opens third zone in London as it expand global footprint and promises greater reliability

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has opened another availability zone in London, bringing the total number to three in the region and 50 worldwide. 

The company says the launch of the new zone means customers building applications in the UK can benefit from additional performance, scalability and reliability. 

AWS Summit London

Amazon Web Services UK 

It boasts that its UK customers include BBC, BT, Deloitte and Travis Perkins, as well as startups using the infrastructure to architect their apps and public sector organisations such as the Met Office and the DVLA. 

AWS EU (London) is one of four regions operated by Amazon in Europe, with others in Germany, Ireland and France.  

The French region launched as recently as December and was Amazon’s 18th region. There are plans for four new regions in Bahrain, Hong Kong and Sweden and in the US, where there are plans for a second GovCloud region. 

A second Chinese region has also launched, however this is operated by a local partner who will receive technology, guidance and expertise from AWS and provide the services to local users. Both China facilities have the same technology as other AWS regions but are separate from those outside the country.   

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