Salesforce Customers Hit With 10-Hour Outage

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One of’s EMEA instances went down for more than 10 hours overnight, problems caused by a “storage failure”

Salesforce customers in Europe were subject to a lengthy cloud outage last night as the company’s EU2 instance went offline for more than 10 hours.

Salesforce said disruption started at 3pm UTC on March 2, and continued well into the night.

Faulty storage

salesforce“The Salesforce EU2 instance(s) is currently experiencing a service disruption. During a service disruption, end users are unable to access the service,” read a notice on Salesforce’s ‘trust’ status page.

The problem was partially rectified at 2am UTC this morning, when company engineers pointed to faulty storage as being the culprit.

“We have determined that the issue was caused by a storage failure, which impacted communication to the storage tier,” read the instance’s status notice.

But it wasn’t until gone 4am this morning when customers were clear of the outage completely.

“The Salesforce Technology Team has resolved the performance degradation issue on the EU2 instance(s). The problem was resolved as of 04:25 UTC. During this time, end users were able access the service, however, some functionality within the service may not have been available or running at optimal performance,” read the notice.

TechWeekEurope contacted to find out more about the outage, but the company only had this to say: “At Salesforce, trust is our #1 priority. Please visit for updates on our system status.”

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