OpenStack In 2015 – Red Hat Customers See Greater Automation In Open Source

Red Hat survey finds cost, agility, and automation key OpenStack benefits

OpenStack, the open source cloud computing platform, is to witness continued growth in 2015, with users planning to either continue use of or invest in the software.

This is from a survey of Red Hat customers who were quizzed on their IT initiatives for next year.

“OpenStack is hot,” said Red Hat

Out of the 115 survey respondents, top benefits cited for OpenStack were greater automation (18 percent), improved agility to meet customer and business demands (17 percent), and lower costs (15 percent).

Paul Cormier, Red Hat’s president of Products and Technologies, said that an organisation’s cloud strategy “could be the most critical decision they make in this decade.”

But while cloud has firmly become an enterprise reality, 32 percent of the survey respondents reported that their organisations are still determining their cloud strategy heading into 2015.

When asked about the top benefits of cloud computing, respondents cited cost savings (59%), followed by scalability (55 percent); accessibility (including mobility and business continuity) (53 percent); speed of deployment (50 percent); and the ability to replace on-premise legacy Cloud fingertechnology (48 percent). The survey revealed some potential challenges for cloud in 2015, including security (57 percent); cloud interoperability (31 percent); compliance (30 percent); ability to measure ROI (29 percent); cloud portability (27 percent); and governance / loss of IT control (27 percent).

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