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Terminator HD TV competition prize

Try our tricky quiz about tech in the movies, and you could win a 32 inch Luxor HD TV

We like movies that feature tech, and we like to watch them on decent screens. So we’re happy eBuyer gave us a 32 inch HDTV which should improve the viewing pleasure of one lucky reader. All you have to do is try our movie quiz – and you don’t even have to do particularly well at it!

Tech movie fans have been spoilt by the film industry, with the memes going back to Fritz Lang’s 1927 dystopia  Metropolis, and there’s been plenty of lighter Sci-Fi outings since, including Tron, multiple Star Wars and more cyber-spying epics than you could shake Edward Snowden’s USB stick at.


Open the pod bay doors…

The first version of this quiz saw the light of day just over a year ago, and turned out to be one of our hardest. We tried to keep it to movies that featured actual IT kit or characters, or at least feasible technologies. We further limited the range to movies that we thought you might be expected (or even encouraged) to have seen.

To our surprise, it turned out that few people have seen Michael Caine’s 1960s spy movie Billion Dollar Brain. Even fewer could identify the obsolete eponymous computer and its long-defunct maker.

Given that the quiz is epic and probably annoying, let us assure you that you are not graded on your performance. There are no Oscars here.

Terminator HD TV competition  prizeClick on the link below and you can enter a raffle for this HDTV –  a slim 32-in Luxor model with Freeview tuner, normally costing around £220, and shown here with a suitable film playing. Only UK addresses are eligible, and the closing date is 4 April.

We admit that our movie trivia is largely cribbed from the marvellous site Starring the ComputerIf you want to know the brand of a computer once seen in an episode of TV’s The Avengers, this site is for you.

Alright, if you are ready for your close-up…

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