Tim Berners-Lee To Judge £2m Google Prize For UK Tech Charities

google global impact awards

Google prize for Brits that want to change the world

Tim Berners-Lee is to help judge a £2 million prize offered by Google for UK projects which aim to change the world.

The Global Impact Challenge will give £500,000 each to four British non-profit organisations which have the best ideas on how to use technology to improve the world. The Challenge is part of a Global Impact awards program which has already given out $23 million, but this round is only open to UK-based organisations. It will publicise a shortlist of ten projects, and winners will be chosen by a panel including Sir Tim and Richard Branson.

Tim Berners-Lee giving something back

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“The Web’s contribution to economic progress has been much celebrated, but I believe that we are only scratching the surface of its potential to solve social and political problems,” Sir Tim said in a Telegraph report. “I’m delighted to join Google in this exciting and innovative initiative.”

To kick off the awards, Google gave $23 milllion to seven projects in December, including a scheme for “DNA barcodes” to prevent the sale of endangered species across borders, and charity:water, which brings clean water to developing countries.

The Challenge is the first country-specific prize under the scheme, and has a closing data of 17 April,

On 22 May, Google will announce ten finalists and publish details on a site. The public can donate to any of the projects, and vote on their favourite.

The finalists will pitch their ideas to Sir Tim, Richard Branson and the rest of the judges, including  Google Europe boss Matt Brittin and its charity director Jacqueline fuller, as well as marketing expert Jilly Forster.

The judges will pick three winners, and the fourth prize will go to the fan favourite chosen by the public votes.

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