Three To Launch 4G For Free In December

Three ultrafast 4G lead

All compatible smartphones will receive a noticeable Internet speed boost

Mobile operator Three has confirmed long-rumoured plans to launch its 4G network in December, with higher Internet speeds available on any compatible smartphone at no extra charge. the announcement comes on the day O2 and Vodafone joined EE in providing LTE mobile broadband to the UK.

The roll-out will start in London, Birmingham and Manchester, with a total of 50 cities connected by the end of 2014.

Earlier today, O2 and Vodafone had launched their own 4G networks to compete with EE, which has been offering such service since November 2012, and has already covered 105 towns and cities across the UK.


Starting in December, 1.5 million existing Three customers will be able to connect to the faster cellular network absolutely free, without any change to their contract or SIM. They have to have a 4G-capable phone, of course, and the network operator notes that some compatible smartphones might require a software update to access 4G.

4G (c) De Mango, Shutterstock 2013The switch will “accelerate” in January, and the company hopes it will be able to provide ultrafast service to 98 percent of the UK population by 2015.

Three offers most of its monthly price plans with an unlimited amount of data, and this policy will also be applied to 4G.

“Three already has the fastest 3G network in the UK and 4G will simply make it an even better network experience for customers, at no extra cost,” says a statement from the company.

Back in 2012, EE was extensively criticised for its 4G pricing, demanding £36 a month for just 500 MB of data. TechWeekEurope’s own poll confirmed at the time that high cost of 4G service was the biggest barrier to its adoption.

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